Holy Mary, Mother of Mercy!


“In these latter times Mary must shine forth more than ever in mercy, power and grace” – St. Louis De Montfort.

Mankind was saved though the sacrifice of the Son of God on the cross. God has specially chosen a person for this great work of redemption. From the very beginning, to be precise, from Eden Garden the whole of humanity has been waiting for the Redeemer. This was made possible through a humble virgin who called herself the “Handmaid” of God! The whole world rejoiced when she said the big “Yes” to the Archangel Gabriel.

Thousands and thousands of essays can be written on each of her humble attitude while comparing with our present life.  Our Lord has given us His Mother on Calvary. We , the spiritual sons and daughters of this Good Mother, must take her into our Home   (which is our hearts) like the St. John the Apostle did.

I wish to speak on the Mercy of Mother Mary: for St. Bernard says, we may praise her humility, and marvel at her virginity; but being poor sinners, we are more pleased and attracted by hearing of her mercy; for to this we more affectionately cling, this we more often remember and invoke.

Truly, blessed is he who clings with love and confidence to those two anchors of salvation,Jesus and Mary ! He certainly will not be lost.

It is said that to honour the Queen of Angels is to acquire life everlasting ( St. Laurence of Richard). Many saints have asserted that great things are prepared for those who praise Mother Mary. The devout Thomas a Kempis represents Mary as commending to her Son those who publish her praise saying, “Oh, my Son, have compassion on the souls of thy lovers, and of those who speak in my praise”.

Prayer of St. Alphonso Rodriguez:-  “Jesus and Mary, my sweet loves, for you I will suffer, for you I will die; may I be wholly yours, may I be in nothing my own. May we love Jesus and Mary, and become saints, since we can aspire and hope for no greater happiness than this. Farewell, till we meet in heaven at the feet of this sweet mother and her dearly beloved Son, to praise them, to thank them, and love them, in their immediate presence through all eternity.  Amen.




How God Rewards Those Who Console His Mother!


In the revelations of St. Bridget we read that there was a rich man, who was noble by birth but was vile and sinful in his habits. He had given himself, by an express compact, as a slave to the devil; and for sixty successive years had served Satan. His life was lived as may be imagined, and he never approached the sacraments. Now this prince was dying; and Jesus Christ, to show him mercy, commanded St. Bridget to tell her confessor to go and visit him and exhort him to confess his sins. The confessor went, and the sick man said that he did not require Confession, as he had often approached the sacrament of Penance (which, of course, was a lie). The priest went a second time; but this poor slave of hell persevered in his obstinate determination not to confess. Jesus again told the Saint to instruct the confessor to return. He did so; and on the third occasion the Catholic priest told the sick man the revelation that God made to the Saint. The only reason the priest had returned so many times was because our Lord, who wished to show him mercy, had so ordered. On hearing this the dying man was touched to the depths of his soul, and began to weep.

“But how,” he exclaimed, “can I be saved; I, who for sixty years have served the devil as his slave, and have my soul burdened with innumerable sins?”

“My son,” answered the Father, encouraging him, “doubt not; if you truly repent of them, on the part of God I promise you pardon.”

Then, gaining confidence, the great sinner said to the confessor, “Father, I looked upon myself as lost, and already despaired of salvation; but now I feel a sorrow for my sins, which gives me confidence. Since God has not yet abandoned me, but has sent you to me, I will make my Confession.”




In fact, he had so many sins that it took four sessions to finish making his Confession that day. By God’s grace he did so with the greatest marks of sorrow, and on the following morning received Holy Communion. On the sixth day, contrite and resigned, he died. After his death, Jesus Christ again spoke to St. Bridget and told her that that sinner was saved; that he was then in Purgatory. He further revealed that the great sinner owed his salvation to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, His Mother. The deceased, although he had led so wicked a life, had nevertheless always preserved the devotion to the Sorrows of Mary, and whenever he thought of them he pitied her.

In this simple act of reparation and consolation given to the Mother of God, who never ceases to appease Her Son and beg mercy from Him for an ungrateful and wicked world, was so generously rewarded by God Himself with mercy, grace and salvation. Should we not strive to offer similar acts of reparation and consolation to Our Lady, who so justly deserves them? And if we do, we can surely hope for the same mercy from God.



Taken from The Glories of Mary by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Brown Scapular and the Star of the Sea

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In the late summer of 1845 the English ship, King of the Ocean, found itself in the middle of a wild hurricane. As wind and sea mercilessly lashed the ship, Mr. Fisher a protestant minister together with his wife and children and some of the passengers struggled to the deck to beg God for forgiveness and mercy, as the end seemed at hand.

Frantic cries were heard everywhere.

Children come fast!

Are we all going to die?

Stay close to us!

Among the crew was a young Irish man John Mackliff a devout catholic on seeing the urgency of the situation opened his shirt quickly and took off his Brown Scapular, confidently making sign of the cross with it over the churning waves John tossed into the ocean. In an instance the fiercest wind obeyed and the raging water calmed, after a moment only one more wave washed over the deck bringing with it the boy’s scapular which came to rest at his feet. John’s his life saving confidence in the Mother of God’s Protection didn’t go completely unnoticed. Mr. fisher’s attention had related John’s action to the miraculous result it had produced.

Fisher Said, Young man! I watched you threw something into the waves and the sea immediately became calm! “How did you work this great miracle which saved all of our lives?

John Answered, “Oh this! it is my brown scapular. I threw it in the water and called on blessed virgin to help us!

Fisher said, “I don’t understand!

Upon asking the young man further they were told all bout Blessed virgin Mary and her brown scapular. They learned of all the wonderful promises of protection and even salvation that the mother of God has attached to the faithful wearing her scapular.

Mr. Fisher and his Family were deeply impressed by the real-life miracle they had witnessed. They thanked John fervently for saving their life and sharing the faith. They were determined to enter the catholic church as soon as so that they too could enjoy the same benefit in this life and especially the next for devoutly wearing our Lady Scapular.

Dancing Demon and The Brown Scapular of Our Lady


St. John Vianney, the patron saint of all parish priests, was the pastor of a small poor parish in Ars, France from 1818 to 1859. He was renowned for his sanctity and insights into the hearts and souls of men. Many people from far and wide came to him for confession and he used to hear confession for 10 to 14 hours a day. He would give extra ordinary counsels to the penitents. His high level confession is remembered to this day because of his holiness and spiritual gifts.

One day a young lady, while making her confession, was reminded by this holy priest of a dance she had attended. And that there was a handsome young man who danced with many other girls but not with her.


The young lady admitted to this adding, ” I was very hurt that day! I so wanted to dance with him. Every girl in that room was dying for his attention. I believe he danced with all of them except me”.

She heard the handsome young man asking other girls ” My dear, is it possible that you consent me to give the extra ordinary pleasure of this dance? All the girls agreed to his proposal and started dancing with him.

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She did not understand why did he pick other girls? Whenever he came near, he always approached some other girls. She kept wondering what could he have seen in them that he did not see in her?

The Holy Priest sighed deeply and remarked, ” You were hurt because a handsome well to do young man did not dance with you. My dear, you should be so filled with the deepest gratitude for the Mother of God my dear Blessed Mary ever Virgin who has so wonderfully and miraculously protected you”.

Startled young penitent started, ” Why? What do you mean Father?

The holy priest responded, “My dear child, that was a demon appearing as a man. He danced with every girl whose soul was in a state of serious sin to try to lead her even further away from God”.

He kept away from you only because you alone were wearing the Brown Scapular of our Lady”.



Brown Scapular and Blessed Virgin

In May of 1957, a German Carmelite priest published an amazing true story that demonstrates the power of Our Blessed Mother and how now, even in our own times, we can expect miracles if we approach her with a humble confidence. In this particular instance, her loving protection was made manifest through her Brown Scapular.


In Westboden, Germany, a terrible tragedy occurred when a neighborhood of over 20 houses caught on fire. Being lined up in a row, the hungry flames quickly traveled from one house to the next. One of the buildings was inhabited by a couple families. who, upon seeing the flames steadily advancing, immediately hung a Brown Scapular on the front door of their home. The fire came, and flames flew all around the home.


In less than 5 hours, the fire had destroyed 22 homes. Amidst the heaps of ash and the long row of ruin, only one building remained standing. It was the home on which the Brown Scapular hung. When the raging inferno had reached the house, the flames had flown above and all around it. But in the end, there the home stood, the tiny scapular still dangling from the door, completely undamaged by the fire. Hundreds of people came to see this amazing spectacle for themselves. And every one of these eye-witnesses can now testify to the incredible intercessory power of Our Lady, shown through her Brown Scapular.


Blessed Virgin &The Wounded Knight



During an expedition of the French into Kebylia, a desperate charge of the Arabian cavalry forced a company of French soldiers into a narrow spot. It was a fierce encounter, with great loss on both sides.

The French lost many men at the first attack. In their retreat they had left the wounded behind on the battle-field. Among others, an old French sergeant lay dangerously wounded.

He was in terrible danger of being killed by the enemy. But then he remembered a medal of the Blessed Virgin which he wore around his neck. Taking it in his hands, he exclaimed:

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“Holy Virgin, if you save me from my enemies, I promise you that as soon as I am discharged from the service, I will consecrate the rest of my life as a religious in a Trappist monastery.”

The Arabian cavalry passed near him twice, once in charging the French, and again in beating a retreat, but they did not notice him. After the battle he was taken to the hospital of Algiers, and tenderly nursed. His wounds soon healed, but he was declared unfit for further service.

The old soldier now thought of nothing but fulfilling his promise, and was soon on his way to the monastery.

Once he arrived, he asked to see the Father Abbot, and said to him:

“I have come to beg you to allow me to fulfill a vow I made during the late war. I promised the Blessed Virgin, in gratitude for Her maternal protection, that I would become a Trappist when discharged from the army.”

The Abbot explained to him all the difficulties that lay in the way.

“The life of a Trappist,” he said, “is very different from the life of a soldier. I fear you will become discouraged by the solitude and austerities required by all who embrace our Order. Here you would have to humble yourself to the dust.”

“Father,” answered the sergeant, “you forget that a faithful soldier is capable of the greatest sacrifices in serving his country. Could I be less generous in the service of my God?”

After a retreat of eight days, during which he followed the exercises with military precision, the sergeant was admitted to the novitiate, receiving the name of Brother Martial. For some time, he edified all his fellow brethren by his good conduct. Then one day, the Father Abbot gave him a humiliation in presence of the entire community.

“The Brother whom you see before you,” said the Abbot, “is still remembered by the military authorities for his conduct during the last expedition in Kebylia. I will say no more, only I beg you to pray for him.”

The soldier-monk’s face grew red; his eyes kindled with anger and resentment. He was about to demand an explanation of these vague words, but he looked upon his Crucifix and remained silent.

For several days he bore his humiliation. The rule of silence forbade him to speak one word to defend himself. He imagined that all his brethren thought very poorly of him. Still, he tried to be patient, remembering that the Abbot had once said, in the words of St. Bernard,

“There is no humility without mortification,” and that in order to be a good monk, one must be content to be considered the least of men. Very soon a sweet peace entered his heart, and he saw that his soldierly pride had made him exaggerate the humiliation he was subjected to.

This incident had happened for another reason, too. The Abbot had been testing the monk’s obedience, by putting him in a situation where the only way the he could have defended himself would have been by breaking the rule of silence. Now, he was proud of the soldier-monk, for he had passed the test with flying colors. At the end of the week the Abbot again summoned him before the assembled Chapter.

“My brethren,” he said, “bless God, Who has given grace to Brother Martial. Now that the time of trial is past, I will say that this brother was one of the bravest soldiers in Kebylia. You have all witnessed his resignation and humility; witness now his glorification. So it will be in the better world. He that humbles himself shall be exalted.”


Look how our Blessed Mother as assisted his spiritual son in obtaining necessary grace to sustain in his vacation! She ensures that all our actions turn to be pleasing in the sight or our Lord. Hail Mary Full of Grace The Lord is With Thee Blessed art

Holy Mary – The Compassionate Comforter


In Reisberg there lived a Canon regular named Arnold, who was very devoted to the blessed Virgin. Being at the point of death, he received the sacraments, and calling his religious to him, begged them not to leave him at the last moment. Scarcely had he said this, when he began to tremble violently and roll his eyes; cold sweat fell from him, and with an agitated voice he exclaimed ‘Do you not see those demons who would seize me and carry me to hell?


Then he cried: “My brothers, invoke for me the help of Mary; I trust in her that she will give me the victory. They immediately began to recite the Litany of our Lady, and at the words, Holy Mary, pray for him, “Sancta Maria, ora pro eo. The dying man cried: “Repeat, repeat the name of Mary, for I am even now at the tribunal ofGod. He stopped for a moment, and then added: “It is true that I did it, but I have done penance for it. Then turning to the Virgin, he said “Oh Mary, I shall be delivered if you would help me.


The demons soon after made another attack, but he defended himself by blessing himself with the crucifix, and invoking Mary. Thus he passed the whole night, but when morning dawned, Arnold, restored to serenity, joyfully said “Mary, my Lady, and my refuge, has obtained for me pardon and salvation. Then beholding the Virgin, who summoned him to follow her, he said: I come, oh Lady, I come. He made an effort to rise, but not being able to follow her with the body, gently expiring, he followed her with his soul, as we hope, to the blessed kingdom of glory.



Mama Mary

St.Bernard of Clairvaux says, that as a man and a woman have co-operated for our ruin, so it was fit that another man and another woman should cooperate for our restoration; and these were Jesus and his mother Mary. Doubtlessly the saint affirms that Jesus Christ alone was all-sufficient for our redemption: yet it was more fitting that each sex should take part in our redemption, when both took part in our corruption. For this reason, Blessed Albertus Magnus calls Mary the co-operatrix with Christ in our redemption. And our Blessed Mother herself revealed to St. Bridget, that as Adam and Eve sold the world for one apple, so her Son and herself with one heart redeemed the world.


God could, indeed, as St. Anselm asserts, create the world from nothing; but when it was lost by sin, he would not redeem it without the cooperation of Mary. In three ways, says Father Suarez, the divine mother shared in the work of our salvation. First, having merited, the Incarnation of the Word. Secondly, by praying much for us while she lived on the earth. Thirdly, by willingly sacrificing to God the life of her Son for our salvation.


And therefore the Lord has justly ordained that as Mary has, with so much love for man, aided in the salvation of all, and thereby so greatly promoted the glory of God, all through her intercession shall obtain salvation. Mary is called the Co-Redemptrix with her Son in our justification, because God has committed to her keeping all the graces that he has destined for us. Wherefore St. Bernard affirms that all men, past, present, and to come, should regard her as the medium and negotiator of the salvation of all ages.


Jesus Christ has said, that no one could find him unless his Eternal Father drew him by his Divine Grace. Thus, also, according to Richard, Jesus said of his mother: No one comes to me unless my mother draws him with her prayers. Jesus was the fruit of Mary, as Elizabeth expressed it, “Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. “Whoever, then, wishes for the fruit, must go to the tree; whoever wishes for Jesus must go to Mary. And he who finds Mary, certainly also finds Jesus. Well did the saint understand that when Mary comes she brings Jesus also; and hence it was sufficient for her to thank the mother, without naming the Son.


She is like the merchant’s ship; she brings her bread from afar. Mary is that ship, which brought to us from heaven Jesus Christ, the living bread that came from heaven to give us life eternal, as he has said: “I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live forever”. Hence Richard of St. Laurence says, that all those will be lost in the sea of this world who are not received into this ship, that is, protected by Mary.  He also adds, that whenever we find ourselves in danger of destruction from the temptations or passions of the present life, we ought to flee to Mary, crying quickly, Oh Lady, help us; save us, if you would not see us lost.


But if a person condemned to death may ask some favorite of the king to save him by interceding for him with his prince, why cannot we implore the mother of God to save us by obtaining for us through her prayers the grace of eternal life? St. John of Damascus did not hesitate to say to the Virgin: Oh pure and immaculate queen, save me, deliver me from eternal damnation. St. Bonaventure called Mary the salvation of those invoking her. The Church allows us to invoke her. St. Germanus, speaking of Mary, said: No one can be saved except through you. But let us see what more the Saints say of the need we have of the intercession of the divine mother. The glorious St. Cajetan said that we could ask for graces, but we could never obtain them without the intercession of Mary.


And St. Antoninus confirms this, expressing himself thus beautifully: Whoever asks and wishes to obtain graces without the intercession of Mary, attempts to fly without wings.



Our salvation is in the hands of Mary, and we Christians can more justly say to her than the Egyptians to Joseph, our salvation is in your hand. The salvation of the whole world depends upon the favor and protection of Mary. St. Bernardine of Sienna once addressed her: Oh Lady, since you are the dispenser of all graces, and we must receive the grace of salvation through your hand alone, and then our salvation depends on you.