Brown Scapular and the Star of the Sea

In the late summer of 1845 the English ship, King of the Ocean, found itself in the middle of a wild hurricane. As wind and sea mercilessly lashed the ship, Mr. Fisher a protestant minister together with his wife and children and some of the passengers struggled to the deck to beg God for forgiveness [...]

Holy Mary, Mother of Mercy!

“In these latter times Mary must shine forth more than ever in mercy, power and grace" - St. Louis De Montfort. Mankind was saved though the sacrifice of the Son of God on the cross. God has specially chosen a person for this great work of redemption. From the very beginning, to be precise, from Eden [...]


  The following story is a classic example among countless others that show the incredible powerful mercy that Mary bestows through the devotion of reciting 3 Hail Marys. This story is related by a Franciscan friar, Richard of St. Anne, who was later martyred for the Faith. He himself was living in Brussels in 1604 [...]

Heaven is real and so is Blessed Virgin!

The below excerpt is taken from the writings of Brother Micheal and the incident is true. For the sake of privacy, the names of the people in this incident are changed. On the morning of August 10, 2014 Christy had gone early to visit his friend and fellow employee Max. He had written a song [...]

An Eighth Sorrow for Our Lady!

  Father Rovinglione of the Society of Jesus has once told this story. There was once a young man who had the devotion of visiting a statue of Our Lady of Sorrows every day. She was represented with seven sharp swords piercing her loving heart. Each cruel sword represented one of her Seven Sorrows. One [...]

Protection From The Most Powerful Mother!

  This example is not recorded in any book, but mentioned by a priest, a companion of St. Alphonsus Ligouri, related it to him, as having happened to himself. While this priest was hearing confessions in a certain church (for sufficient reasons he did not mention the place where this occurred, although the penitent gave [...]

Brown Scapular and Blessed Virgin

In May of 1957, a German Carmelite priest published an amazing true story that demonstrates the power of Our Blessed Mother and how now, even in our own times, we can expect miracles if we approach her with a humble confidence. In this particular instance, her loving protection was made manifest through her Brown Scapular. [...]

Holy Mary – The Compassionate Comforter

  In Reisberg there lived a Canon regular named Arnold, who was very devoted to the blessed Virgin. Being at the point of death, he received the sacraments, and calling his religious to him, begged them not to leave him at the last moment. Scarcely had he said this, when he began to tremble violently [...]


St.Bernard of Clairvaux says, that as a man and a woman have co-operated for our ruin, so it was fit that another man and another woman should cooperate for our restoration; and these were Jesus and his mother Mary. Doubtlessly the saint affirms that Jesus Christ alone was all-sufficient for our redemption: yet it was [...]

Great is the tenderness of this Good Mother

  One day priest of a certain parish went to assist a rich man at his death-bed. He was dying in a splendid house, and a multitude of relatives, friends, and servants, surrounded his bed. But among these, the priest saw a number of devils in the shape of hounds, who waited to seize upon [...]

How a lustful soul became Saint by the Mercy of Holy Mary

From Lives of the Fathers, we read the celebrated history of St. Mary of Egypt. St. Mary of Egypt was born in the Province of Egypt.  She is also known as Maria Aegyptiaca. She was a beautiful young girl. At twelve years of age she fled from her parents and went to Alexandria where she [...]

Our sweet consolation in dangers

In the history of the foundations of the Company of Jesus, in the kingdom of Naples, is related the following story of a noble youth of Scotland, named William Elphinstone. He was a relation of King James. Born a heretic, he followed the false sect to which he belonged;but enlightened by divine grace, which showed [...]